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Its just been an odd time for me the last 10 days or so … first I finished a big project and 2 days later I got sick… It was my first time off in months and I was wiped out ,exhausted and run down… Then i got depressed… I also got to feel my true feelings about stuff… Loss was a big factor realizing my dads birthday was just around the corner… This year I missed him and i was trying to remember if we had certain conversations and I could’t…Man just writing that makes me sad…Its o.kĀ  someday I may be able too remember or just have that talk with my dad… I’ll be really honest I MISS MY DAD AND I WOULD DO ANYTHING TO GET 30 SECONDSĀ  WITH HIM, but the truth of the matter is my dads in heaven now …well needless to say I started realizing I havent been taking care of myself and thankfully i have tools in life on how to cope… sometimes I have to hit my head over and over again to finally realize it hurts… Im still sick now this virus is in my throat… this too shall pass… Its a new week and i believe that its a new dawn and I had some lessons to learn and to experience these new feelings such as loss in a different way this time… On another note the show I’m on Model Latina is still airing on SiTV @pm EST/PST … It was kinda hard for me to be so judgemental on these beautiful ,courages and inspiring women…

Let me know if u do watch it and what u think xoxooxox

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  1. traveling fool says:

    I’m sorry you’ve had such a tough time recently. Know that you are loved!

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