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Well this my first post via blackberry… I hope it goes thru correct…I tried to toast a bagel this morning and of course I burnt it! I am running around L.A doing work stuff and seem to be trying to just be in the moment but today my head is loud. I don’t know about u but I allow so much nonsense to get in my own way. I,in writing am asking God to come into the picture and my NOW and to please carry me thru this day! Inga from random talk radio called me out on my blogging and I’ve lagged for a while, Thank You girl for calling me out on it. I lag no longer. I so enjoyed doing that interview. So much has happened in the last month and a half and I will talk about my experience a bit later. How life just happens and how amazing to be present to see it thru. Its amazing to me that NO MATTER what we get thru it. I have missed this xoxo



  1. Kealii says:

    This is my first ever public comment post not to change direction from the days blog but I guess I needed to tell you,from seeing the show”Sober House”reading articles and interviews about Jennifer I did not know why I became so facinated listening to your stories.Now I know why,the story you share is simmaler to my fiance’s!Drug addiction,emotional abuse and the strength to overcome all that comes with.She does’nt see the correlation,and does not want to be reminded of those times.I came in to her life at a time when I guess we both were ready for a change.Long story short throughout seven years we helped each other grow out of addiction,abuse,and now currently have what constitutes as a normal life.When I Listen to your stories and read your blogs I am greatfull to see the success that others like your self have gained for all the experiances you have encountered.Looking forward to another, day another blog from you, friend.

  2. Maggie says:

    Hi Jen
    I live on the East coast- (NY) and just wanted to tell you how much I admire your strength. You are a beautiful person.

    My head is always filled with so much and I dont know how to quiet my brain.

    A close friend is dying of cancer and I can t stop thinking about her and how awful this is. She has two small children. I just feel so helpless. I am praying for her.
    Just wanted to thank you for being you.


  3. Lesley says:

    I wouldn’t get freaked out about blogging “everyday”. We are all busy and have other priorities. It’s just nice to hear from you now and again. I enjoyed the radio show. Thanks for accepting my call and for the good discussion. And thanks to Inga for letting it all happen. Keep taking it one day at a time and the “nonsense” won’t seem so huge. Love you, take care.

  4. traveling fool says:

    I’m glad your back, but try to not put to much pressure on yourself to blog. Just do it when you can!

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