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 i literally prayed in the morning and tried to the best of my ability to meditate…asking God for his strength to encourage me and protect… ahhh a moment of peace and…BAM life came at me… that curve ball came at me and hit me hard…  i made it thru though …i am in a place that i am waiting ……it feels like everything is up in the air… have i done enough… i think so… its good enough for today … mickey looks like a little chorizo … he has been eating so much , which is a good thing … he sometimes eat then doesnt… his hair is growing back and he seems happy…the other morning he backed his butt inbetween Tom and I and we lost it … like moonwalking into the pillow… classsic…he helps me water the backyard by fighting with the holes… helps me vacuum by barking like crazy and biting the vacuum… and helps me go to the bathroom by coming in and attacking the plunger and barking at it everytime … he is so helpful this little one… and he sends us off on our marry way when we leave by biting us and crying and barking…. seriously he has got an incredible personality…. never a dull moment with him …. and forget about when he finds things that have sequence on it … u just better kiss that one good bye ….

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  1. traveling fool says:

    Glad you made it, and keep praying!

  2. lucy the chola says:

    You don’t even need to turn on the vacuum to get him going. I used to just grab it and he’d start attacking it. Comedy GOLD!

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