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holy crapper im so beat to shreds…to get some things out there i read all my comments and respond to all my emails from facebook, myspace and this site…people have been asking me that alot lately…there are days and even weeks when i dont have a second to get on and check all this …how do people make time for all this up keep via internet… brushing my teeth is schedule in my days lately… here is where i blog though and just tell my stuff my most personal place on the inernet… today was Fathers Day and i had a moment where i just cried … i honestly miss my dad … what i would do to have 30 seconds with him …the truth is i cant and ill have to wait til that one day …its been really busy lately in my life and i get a bit overwhelmed but man im showing up for this thing called life… i will look for the miracles today as i wish that for u too xoxooxox

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  1. traveling fool says:

    You’re doing the best with what you got, and I’m proud of you. Love you!

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