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i just finished cleaning out my skirts and shirts… wow how do we aquire so much s*&! … i tried on so many things …so many big things that no longer fit me… its kinda wierd getting rid of my big clothes … really because that girl i was for so many years built a great foundation , got humbled , lived in humility and had a great layer of protection on the outside at all times  while  being  heavy … their is nothing wrong with what size u are as long as u feel comfortable… ive gone thru different sizes and different shapes in the last 4 really 5 years …from ultra addict thin,bloated to well fat to voluptous to curvy to now fit… man its a trip to watch ur body change…the other day i came running out topless to Tom screaming “BABBBBE! LOOK! LOOOOOK! LOOOOK AT MEEEEEEE!” and typical guy behavior his eyes pop out and was like “yes” and i started crying as i stood there arms to my side “LOOK HONEY MY BOOBS DONT MORPH INTO MY BACK ANYMORE ,LIKE ONE BIG UNIBOOB/BACK!” crying like a little girl for joy…he just looked at me as was like “um good babe” so didnt get it … for me a huge victory for him just another crazy “girls are wierd moment”… so as for the clothes and my saying goodbye to the protection layer , id like to say “THANK YOU FOR PROTECTING ME WHILE I SO NEEDED YOU TO EVOLVE INTO THE WOMAN I AM BECOMING” growing up is such a trip ….i gave my mom my clothes to give to charity … hopefully it will help a woman like it did me …

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  1. Suzanne says:

    You make me laugh and smile and think good thoughts. That’s a lot chica. 😉
    Thank you.

  2. traveling fool says:

    I need to do that, too. I don’t want to but I must get rid of somethings. Oh, Jenn! You are so funny. I bet Tom was stunned. I’m sorry you cried, but I’m so glad you were happy! Life’s a journey, and we are always growing.

  3. Lesley says:

    Or it could help a man…

  4. jenfan says:

    we need tips. tell us everything about your weight loss. tell us what you did before than dont do know and how you piled the pounds but then shed them.

  5. Miranda Mangi says:

    HAHAHA i remember when u told me that boyyy that was funny lol obviously tom is going tolook at ur titis as u call them lol hello he is a guy! sorry tom its true lol love ya xoxo m.

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