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today was an incredible day… i got to live one of my dreams … how lucky i am to a. to realize that ,b. to be present enough for it and c. to actually live it… dreams are reachable today in my life… when i am allowed to talk more about i promise you’ll be the first to know….so it was a very full day so full that when i got home i just passed out  like i had been going for years …now im barely up and ready for more zzzz”s… i want to thank u for reading a glimpse of my life and those of u who post comments … it means alot to me and also those of u who just read them too…my mama is over and i get to spend some quality time with her… my schedule is so spread out these days that quality is so much more than quanity … well not much  more left in my brain to write ,so nite nite xoxoox

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  1. traveling fool says:

    Looking forward to hearing about it! Please don’t run yourself into exhaustion, again. I love reading about your life. Spend some great quality with your mama. Good night!

  2. JenFan says:

    Hey! I wanna see MANY new pictures of your new nobody. I love to you to share diet tips, excersise tips EVERYTHING. Tell us what you did before that led to your overwidht and what you know do differently. I need you help. Im sure we could all use it. Inspire us. Motivate us. Teach us. SHow us. SHare with us.

    Love you.

  3. Miranda Mangi says:

    whoa whoa “JenFan” would u also like to know how breathes she takes in a day and how many times shw walks… STALKER STATUS!!! leave her alone if she wants to make an announcement about wouldnt ya think she would blog about it common sense duhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! sorry jen i get a lil crazy when ppl dnt use common sense i guess it runs in the family lol what can u say italians?argentines are crazy! hahaha

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