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on monday i thought i was just going to train with my trainer and then back home but i ended up 6 1/2 hours later coming home… went to get a blackberry… my first one ever … honestly its crazy and scary these blackberrys… u must know this about me ‘I CANT STAND TECHNOLOGY’ … so here i am so confused with this new phone thingy… last nite Tom and i went to go see my sweet friends ANDY DICK and MOE COLLINS perform there last show together … it was so great watching these 2 comedic geniouses perform (ya i just had to scream down the hall for Tom to spell that for me )… i had a blast then late din din and a real nice time out… i went to the ICE HOUSE on sat after a photo shoot… i had a great time… i love watching people perform live…ANDY directed me in a 1 WOMAN SHOW¬† for sober house which didnt air but it inspired me to get back to acting…makes me want to do it again,ANDY keeps encouraging me to do it ….lately mickey and i have been taking little walks to rebuild his little leg muscles up…i tell u it is so humbling while walking him as i carry a plastic bag full of warm doggie poop in my hand… and i encourage him to keep pooping…HA!!!! its the little things that make life so worth wild… the big things are nice too every now and then …my mind has been in a beeter spot the last few days … i wake up and just am so thankful its calm in my head xoxoxoxoxo

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  1. Melinda says:

    it’s the little things in life that makes LIFE worth livin, clean and sober, bless you and Mickey.
    Would love to see Sober house II

  2. traveling fool says:

    Yeah, in your journal the other night it sounded like you’re a little intimidated by technology. I must have been fun to see Andy perform. He’s so funny, and I’m glad he’s encouraging you to do what you enjoy! I’m glad Mickey is doing better, and that your mind has been in a better spot. xoxoxo

  3. Kevin says:

    I think you are wonderful I really liked your show Sober House please do more shows

  4. Lesley says:

    I’m glad Mickey is better. All of the little things are humbling and therapeutic, very good for the soul. Good luck with your goals.

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