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i have to admitt sometimes turning on the computer just FREAKS  me out … there has been so much going on in my life the last month that i just wasnt expecting… (im sure just like everyother human being) but F@#! its still not easy to deal with … no one said life was going to be easy … im really glad that i am able to know that im not alone anymore …i know i have  u, family, friends and GOD to fall back on…still with all that said im a work in progress and have been just going thru growing pains and learning how to deal with these new feelings that i have never been able to identify… MICKEY is doing so much better… his little cast is off now, just left with his scar and shaved leg… we take mini walks until his little leg gets to tired and then i (mama) pick him up for the remainder of our journey…im constantly reminding him how gorgeous and handsome he is … most importantly how much i love him… ahhh the joy of unconditional love one has from a pet… if only we could give that uncondional love to eachother… i wonder what that would feel like…ive been training 5/6 days a week at the gym and i love it…i thought going back to a gym again would be odd… no its not …now i start seeing familiar faces all while having my ipod on and thinking at times to myself ” who are these people, what kind of lives do they have,wondering what they are thinking, are they happy ,etc.etc. and ohhhhh i hope my body is changing cuz this would suck  if  i got no results …HA!!!” … i have a question for u  “why is the girls locker room so gross smellin?” … maybe i just havent been in the boys to see how bad that is ..ewww …i think i must barf  now!

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  1. Lesley says:

    Jen, you are hilarious. I think all locker rooms stink.

  2. traveling fool says:

    Sorry you’ve had a lot going on, and hopefully all of it hasn’t been bad. I think we’re all a work in progress. I’m glad Mickey is doing well. I’m looking forward to getting another dog.

    It is to bad people don’t love each other unconditionally. Things would be so much easier if they did. The gym is something I never think about. Its something I don’t intend to use unless I absolutely have to. I don’t know why the girls locker room is so gross smelling. I guess that’s a million dollar question!

  3. kelly says:

    hey jenn, i’m so glad you are finding the time to blog again. I have missed you and your blogs. Im like you i find my self watching people all the time wondering to myself whats going on in their lives, what are they thinking.. etc… not sure why the girls locker room smells so bad but i think its one of the reasons i stopped going to the gym and started working out at home. But if the girls locker room smells that bad i can only imagine what the boys must smell like.. gross! I hope you are doing well and are happy with where your at in your life right now. I will continue to pray for you and look forward to hearing from you. I hope you have a fabulous week and hope that mickey continues to get better! <3 kelly

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