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  1. traveling fool says:

    I just love this picture. Its incredible!

  2. lucy the chola says:

    Que hermosa!

  3. Diane / Di@myspace says:

    Hi Jenn, Congratulations for being on the cover of Pasadena Magazine, you must proud of yourself, if your not, you need to be ;)…God is so Good and He is truly watching over you and all those that you love and working all things together for your good…never forget Jesus is in control and He knows your heart and your struggles as well as the desires of your heart!…I pray for you alot and im so happy your feeling better …and Mickey of course has been in my prayers…animals arent just pets, they are our family!…I love ya girl..if ya get a chance stop by my myspace and say hi, if ya cant thats cool too…i know your busy…Thanks for blogging and letting your fans know how you are and whats going on in your life…Congrats again..Love ya Jenn, God Bless ya Hugss xoxo

  4. Guy Hamilla says:

    Hey Jenn,

    Great cover shot. You are amazingly beautiful inside and out my love.



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