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there is this saying  that “this too shall pass”…. Thank GOD for that saying cuz i so need to be reminded that everything passes … lately ive been just going thru it… alot of  little things that just added up and ive been on the go for the last 17 weeks… the breaker was little Mickey getting surgery, prior to that i was running myself to exhaustion… i started feeling like “am i doing the right thing?’ … in my heart i know i am and i have to let go of old thinking that i am a piece of  s#@! … God doesnt make junk… so the last few nites have been restless … Tom and i have been doing Mickey nite shifts …really me mainly  but Tom pitches in and im so grateful… he acts like he is this tough guys guy who cant seem to worry about a 6 pound dog(baby), then i catch him making goggy faces and talking baby talk with Mickey while holding him in craddle postion… Ya tough guy alright … to watch people with animals is precious… my mama has been helping me with Mickey… its her grandson and this lady FLIPS for him … again precious humans with animals …. got my hair did by world famous ROBERTY RAMOS yetserday … 7 hours ya 7 hrs to go 2 shades lighter and the pursuit of fabulous hair and a new look… he rocks … now sitting here with Gretchen while trying to deal with office mayham …

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  1. traveling fool says:

    I hate it when those little things finally catch up with you. But you’re correct, this too shall pass. Even though it may not feel like it, it will pass. It has to!

    If you want further validation if you’re doing the right thing, pray about it. God should give you his answer.

    Its funny to watch a guy sweet talk an animal. There was a famous Hollywood dog trainer who once said he had seen grown men gush baby talk to their dogs.

    I hope Mickey makes a full recovery. You’re in my prayers.

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