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i am working with JAI RODRIGUEZ and JORGE RAMON…. talk about 2 great men… they are so sweet and funny… we have laughed alot..even while we worked all nite yesterday… ya im pulling all niters… i am also working with JEFFREY KOLSRUD who is the owner of Q MODELS in new york and l.a, he leaves thrus…the 4 J’s we are…what a force…its been fun thus far…crazy hours but fun… i miss my MICKEY … he is so sweet and innocent … Tom is so special to me ,so patient with me… my brother is doing really well to … it trips me out he is such a man now… my little brother…i have an early call time and do need my sleep …

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  1. traveling fool says:

    I’m so glad you’re having fun Jenn. Good night.

  2. DaddyDaveT says:

    Thats great to hear my Jenn-girl. It will all be fine and I’d say it was time for you to take these steps in your life. The people that love and care about you will always be there for you no matter what. Ain’t we Lucky. God Bless you Jen…

  3. Holly says:

    Hey Jennifer! I wanted to thank you for helping Andy (Dick) because now he is helping me :0)
    I have been sober for 15 days today…Andy has really been reaching out to me through his blog and you have given him the strength to do it. He even inspired me to start my own blog. I would love you to visit and give it a read….

    Thanks for being such an amazing person.

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