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ive been so sick with the flu…i started with it last monday…thought it got better and BOOM friday came and i was down for the count… NOT i repeat NOT an ounce of cute came out of me Sat or Sun… i was in so much pain ,vomitt, diaherra, chills,fever , headaches,needy,whinney and worst of them all NAGGY… thank God for a new day and lots of sleep… i went to traffic school on Sat … man that was long… i went to 2 courts today and took care of business(traffic tickets)…i just got a job offer for a show …im pretty excited …i will tell u more tomorrow…. just did SIPPIN ON JENN AND JEFF 20 minutes ago , we had a blast …Suzanne Hamilton was our guest …ill post it when Jeff gets it up …i missed writing in my journal… i miss hearing from u guys…do u ever feel like this (life) might be a dream…

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  1. Di@Myspace says:

    Jenn are you on TWITTER? If your not , you should be Lol…

  2. Lesley says:

    Can’t wait to hear about the new show. Glad you’re feeling better.

  3. traveling fool says:

    So sorry you were so sick Jenn, and about traffic school! I’m so glad you have new show.

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