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im really sick ..yesterday it hit me ,my body ached so bad and my ankle was killing me  …and yet again i reinjured my ankle … im back on a brace for it ….my new chapter has started in my life… i was a bit wierded out from it….just that its a new day and a new phase in my life …but i believe in faith and a God that loves me just as much as he loves u … people get all anti this anti that  about the word God ….i just know im not that word  and that something out there is and thankfully its not me…. i would screw it all up if i was …. i am ok today just need to rest …

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  1. traveling fool says:

    I’m so sorry you’re sick! I’ll be praying for you. Please let me know how I can support you, Andy, etc.

  2. Lesley says:

    Sorry you don’t feel well. I tore ligaments in my foot last November and it still hurts. I kind of re-injured it last Sunday helping a friend move. I have not been able to run this whole time, so I’ve been really having to watch my diet which sucks. I feel ya girl.

  3. Adam Coffin says:

    Jen, the sickness you are now experiencing is making it’s way through most of the population here in LA and OC…I am just now starting to recover and it kicked my butt, too..but take heart…you should be on the mend shortly. In regards to faith. We have all be given a measure of it to use as we see fit. No one has the right to hate or judge another for their own use of that measure of faith granted them, but for some reason, human beings want everyone to think, act and believe exactly as they do, which goes completely against our individual natures…quite a canundrum…we are such complex beings but yet so simple at times…Miss the show…miss you…miss all of you..

    Kind regards,

    Adam Coffin

  4. Deb Shaffer says:

    If you’re saying what I think you are, I agree! Sometimes I’m so thankful for anonymity! I just couldn’t bear the idea of misleading people by pretending to “know” God and to be His voice.
    Blessings to you, Jen! My husband and I just got over the stomach flu and my doc said the whole nation is being hit with it right now.
    Peace, Love & Happiness,

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