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ok so ive been lame and lacking this far not getting to know my website…so im with greg and tom ..they are teaching me…so now i will be able to do this..

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  1. RockChick says:

    Why does the 5 star rating thing cover the words of your blog sometimes or all the time. its hard to read what you put. can u please have ur web person look at it and fix it. thanks 🙂

  2. chelsea says:

    Hi Jennifer!

    My name is Chelsea and I am 24 years old living from WI.

    I just want you to know how incredibly inspiring you are. Right now I am working on an associates degree for alcohol and drug counseling, then I am going to complete at least a Masters degree in Psychology. I plan to work with recovering addicts someday.

    I too have battled with addictions to drugs (prescription) and alcohol. Everyday is a battle for me–not a day passes in which I think about using. It will be a year exactly on the 20th of March since I have abused a bottle of prescription drugs.

    You radiate such beauty along with such a comforting and caring personality. I hope that one day I can do what you are doing. My dream would be to work in a highly respected and well known facility. I want so badly to work with people who are ready, able, and really wanting treatment. I know I will have to work my way up to something like that probably working with those that are mostly forced into treatment. I know I will be hated by some along my journey –probably in the same way I once felt towards those only trying to help… but I take comfort in knowing it will only make that success of helping at least one person’s life such sweeter of a reward.

    I have no idea if you even are able to read these messages or if you would have the time.. but it would be so very amazing to be able to meet you and Dr. Drew. (..maybe even work with you and him someday 🙂 .. or at the very least people with such hearts as the two of yours!).

    If you (or Dr. Drew!) have any tips for the direction I should take towards my future career– what sort of work or volunteering, anything.. it would be so greatly appreciated.

    The thought of helping people someday.. maybe even SAVING people someday, does something to my heart that I have never felt before. Something that I never thought I would feel and that I had no idea that it was possible to feel.

    Thank you, for you are not only a blessing to those on Sober House, but a blessing to so many others who watch Sober House. You have such a kind heart. Those who you’ve helped are only going to pass on that knowledge and help in which they pass that on to another and so the circle will continue.

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