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Jennifer Gimenez’s Sober House commentary continues! Below, the house mother talks about Steven’s arrest, the bruises she revealed on this week’s episode, the group’s decision to hit a night club and Seth’s resulting violation of curfew.

We see Steven arrested as a result of your 911 call at the beginning of the episode. You say that you didn’t feel like you had to justify anything to anyone, but did you have any doubt at that point?


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  1. jeff says:

    you guys are funny on sober house its like a bunch of high schoolers,sorry for the bad comment but this is a disease that is more serious then you all play it out to be .weres the structure and how about having chores around the house and going to meetings and getting sponcers and working the steps and getting off your pity potts and working for your sobriety. your not very positive to many people who need help,good luck and god bless.jeff

  2. Kevan-Anne says:

    I completely disagree with Jeff above. The most important part of sobriety following meetings, the steps, and your sponser is realizing you CAN have fun and actually LIVE life sober. Because the actual work part is anonymous I don’t think the show should have focused on that stuff. I certainly did not want a camera up my ass when I was making a list of everyone I ever hurt. If all you have is the serious side, you will burn out and relapse easy.
    I think you are wonderful Jenn! You did create a wonderful structured environment for these people. Your heart was in it even when you had to be strict. God bless you! We need more of you out there. You certainly ARE a wonderful positive influence!

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